Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Tuesday 14th July - The day before

OK. Everything was packed in my cool (yet cumbersome) expedition bag. Well everything of mine was packed. All the presents for my family in Mongolia (baby clothes, 2 handbags, rattles, 10 boxes of Roses Chocolates, etc..) were not.

It was 16:00 and I had a train to catch from Manchester to London at 19:30. Munkhjargal (my wife) was sure that we had more baggage allowance that could be used to pack even more gifts. So we went to check on the scales - or where the scales would have been if we still had them.

Undeterred we got all my kit (plus the bag of extra gifts) and jumped in a taxi to Tesco to buy a new pair of scales. Tesco did not have any in stock. The time was now 18:15 and I wasn't starting to panic at all. Honest!

I had the idea of using the scales that sit in between the in store ladies and gents toilets. We went to the scales, but it was one of those fancy ones that measure your height and body fat. I had to trick the scales by placing my hand above the bag to show the height. We got the correct weight but the scales kept shouting "incorrect data, incorrect data" as it must have thought it was dealing with a very fat midget!

We then caught a tram to Manchester and had a spot of low fat KFC for tea at Piccadilly train station. I said a fond farewell to Munkhjargal and boarded my train to London. I spent most of the journey reading and arrived in Euston station at 21:00.

I was spending the night at Dawn's parent's house and they lived close to Heathrow Airport. I then got on the black line and the maroon line until I reached my destination at Hillingdon. Mum of Dawn, and Dawn picked me up at the station and took back to their house. Lyndsey Ross was also staying over and we packed neckerchiefs and created t-shirts for Dawn's Aravt before going to bed.

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