Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Wednesday 15th July - Day 1

I woke up around 06:30 and went with Dawn and Lyndsey to Sainsburys to get some last minute things. We then packed up our kit and were dropped of at Terminal 5 at around 12:00.

A few people were already there, and as we had e-tickets we checked ourselves in using touch screen terminals. Mr Kiy showed me the procedure and was rattling through the screens at some speed. When it got to the question "Could anyone have placed anything into your bag without you knowing about it?", he inadvertently pressed "YES" - much to my joy.
I then had to find someone and explain that there had been an input error.

Anyway everyone arrived. I handed out language cards in Mongolian and Chinese and we went through customs, without much hassle and boarded or flight at 16:40.

There was a huge choice of films to watch (after the stewardess had got the helpdesk to reboot the entertainment system) and my plans of going to sleep went out of the window as I watched the films I had meant to see at the Cinema - Monsters V Aliens (best quote - " I'm so proud I could cry. But I lost my tear ducts during the war), Watchmen and Batman. I eventually did doze off and fell into dreamless sleep.

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